Meet the Crew

David Jordan (Producer)
David Jordan is an award-winning producer, filmmaker, actor and world-traveler currently living in Portland, Oregon. His introduction to film came just after his tenth birthday when his father took him to see Gladiator. Since then, he has gone on to create the travel-inspired short series In Transit, worked with clients including Infiniti, TEDx, IBM, Google, and helped produce the widely popular High Resolution video-podcast series. He graduated from Portland State University, where he produced his award-winning short film Consume.


Lisa Molinelli (Producer)
Lisa Molinelli is a writer and editor with a Masters in Library Science from Simmons College. She has extensive experience in editing, publishing, content management, and user-centered web design. She is currently the web services librarian at Portland Community College. She was the social media producer for the independent feature film Everything Went Down.


Michael Hull (Cinematographer)
Michael Bryan Hull is an award-winning cinematographer and artist known for his work in film, photography, and music. Michael recently shot and directed the music video Hiking for Portland musical duo There Is No Mountain. He graduated from Portland State University with a degree in film, where he directed his award-winning short film Daniel.


Nathanael Sams (Sound Designer)
Nathanael Sams is a Telly Award winner with expertise in editing, sound design, and music production. His diverse skill set allows him to bring a unique perspective to every project he works on. His client list includes Warner Brothers, Adidas, Target, Netflix, Coca-Cola, Stampede Ventures, Maybelline, The Rock, and many others. Nathanael and his wife currently split their time between Santa Monica, CA and Portland, OR.


Rum Rebellion (Songs)
Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Rum Rebellion is a peppery mix of punk rock and Celtic influences served up with a distinctive pirate twist. Comprised of members whose past musical endeavors include All Worked Up, Unstable Youth, Fire At Will, and Heathen Shrine, Rum Rebellion has transformed from its humble street corner busking roots into a widely known touring act. The band began in 2005 with all-acoustic instrumentation and played sea shanties, jigs, and reels. The band’s namesake reflects the historical feel of the band’s conception – The “Rum Rebellion” was an actual historical conflict in New South Wales territory of Australia, brought on by the governor’s desire to eliminate the use of rum as a trading and purchasing commodity. After twelve years, four albums, and over 1000 shows, Rum Rebellion is one of the hardest-working national touring acts in the country.


Connor Jones (Camera)
Connor Jones is a filmmaker and cinematographer based in Portland, Oregon. He is a recent graduate of the School of Film at Portland State University, where he earned a B.A. in film production. He spent a semester studying abroad at the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design, and Technology, also known as Ireland’s National Film School. While in Ireland, he wrote and directed the film Alice Abroad.


Jaden Fooks (Sound)
Jaden Fooks is a videographer and filmmaker based in Portland, Oregon. She has directed multicamera shoots for the Portland State Opera, interned at Koerner Camera Systems, and shot multiple music videos. She won awards for her short films Superhero and Untitled in Ireland. Her documentary Free Hot Soup profiles an innovative program that brings free meals to the homeless populations of Portland.


Christina Dodge (Sound and Editorial Assistant)
Christina Dodge is a filmmaker and producer working in Portland, Oregon, and its surrounding suburbs. She is a recent graduate of the School of Film at Portland State University, and she studied in the school’s “Cinema in New York City” study away program. She is the producer of Annex, a serialized audio drama set in the fictional city of Harborview between World War I and the Great Depression. Her autobiographical short film A New Promise screened in the Oregon Independent Film Festival, where is won Best Short Film.